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Remember the cooked barley I said to keep in the freezer after making lemon barley cordial, well here is what I make with it vegie burgers. You can use red rice or even white or brown rice if you don’t have the barley.


Place about 1 cup of the barley in a large bowl or jug and add:

1 tsp sea salt,   1 tsp mixed dried herbs,  1 tsp curry powder,   about 8 grinds black pepper,    1 cup fresh breadcrumbs,  2 beaten eggs,    1 chopped red onion or if you use brown  cook it slightly first,   1 grated carrot.

You can also add some chopped fresh spinach or a cube of  thawed frozen spinach. Mix all together, at this point you need to decide if it looks too wet add some more breadcrumbs if too dry some more beaten egg, but you can make sure your happy with the mix and flavor by frying a tablespoon first and tasting. It’s a bit too late after you have cooked it all :-O

What I do is use  those metal egg rings to fry them as you can pile the mix into the egg ring and when cooked one side flip them over. It helps if you can oil the rings first but not vital just run a blade around the rings to remove the burgers. My favorite filling is using organic red rice the texture is almost like beef and is a dark color too, but they are both delicious on a soft bun with salad. My pictures are of the rice burgers the barley ones were gone before I could take a picture.


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Have a Birthday coming up, or family round for dinner or just because which is the only reason you need to make this easy yummy chocolate cake. You can tart it up if your so inclined, it usually doesn’t last long enough in our house to bother with fancy icing decorations.


1 3/4 cups flour,  2 tsp baking pd,  1 tsp baking soda,  1/2 tsp salt,  1 1/2 cups brown sugar,  125 grms softened butter,  1 cup milk,

1 tsp vanilla essence,  2 large eggs,  6 Tbls cocoa


Put dry ingredients into your mixer, pulse to combine, add the rest of the ingredients and beat and scrape down until smooth

divide mix into 2 microwave safe sandwich dishes, elevate and cook each on high power for approx 6-7 mins.

Leave on rack to cool for 5 mins before turning out to cool completely. When cold split cakes in half, spread bottom of cake with warmed red jam, pile on whipped cream, place the top of cake on cream then ice the cake with your favorite frosting.

I usually just mix some icing sugar and cocoa with a wee drop of hot water and blend well, or for a bit more body replace water with softened butter. I sprinkled some hundreds & thousands on the top of mine. You can freeze the other cake for later just leave on the counter to thaw when you want to use it, then decorate as before.

Not sure where I got this recipe but it’s the only chocolate cake recipe I use or ever need for any occasion.

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You going to Love me for the  next two posts for you fellow chocoholics, you don’t need to wait long for a chocolate fix, and the hardest part is the washing up afterwards.

The title says it all, no bake meaning you don’t need to have the oven on… great if you are really needing a quick slice and it’s a hot summers day.

I wish it was here but it’s Winter in the Antipodes, not as bad here in the North island as it is in the South but I feel the cold very easily and  get Raynaud’s problems with my fingers 😦


1 cup brown sugar,  120 grms butter,  1/2 cup milk,  6 Tbls cocoa,  1/2 cup dessicated coconut,  3 cups fine oatmeal,

You can add optional extra ingredients like 1 cup of dried fruit or nuts etc;


Combine 1st 4 ingredients in a pan and bring to a simmer while stirring until sugar is dissolved and butter melted. Take the pan off the stove leave to cool a few minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients.

Have a slice container ready lined with cooking paper and place your mix in smoothing the top, leave in the fridge to set then cut into slices. I sifted some icing sugar on the top of mine.


You can put a tsp of your cooked mix in the fridge before spreading in your dish and taste when set,  to see if you need to add more coconut or oats, or if it’s too dry add some more butter or warm apricot jam.

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A lucky Mum will be getting some Hollywood bling this Birthday, commissioned by a family member 🙂


Swarovski jewelry set

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Soup is one of those comfort foods most folk would agree it’s a meal in a bowl, it’s healthy easy to digest and it’s one of my favorite meals.

Lentil soup is so easy to prepare and doesn’t take very long either, you could have lunch ready from wo to go in 25-30 mins.

Buy red lentils from your supermarket don’t get the ones from the local Indian bulk store, I made that mistake bought about 1kilo it looked the same but tasted different and didn’t break down the same. Their lentils are for making dahl not soup. Below is a picture of the ones I used, and here is my recipe hope you like it.

1 cup red lentils,  4 cups of water [ or 1 litre ]  5 cloves chopped garlic,  1 tsp  curry powder,

1 tsp sea salt,  pepper to taste,  1 tsp mixed dried herbs, 400 grms mixed chopped vegies


Wash and drain the lentils well, add water garlic, spices and salt, and bring to a simmer stirring, if you have your veggies prepared add those now and bring back to a simmer. Stir occasionally until vegies are soft. I like to use a potato masher at this point to break up the veggies and thicken the soup a bit more, or you can puree if you prefer, but I like some whole so just use the masher.


I usually have frozen veggies that I have prepared earlier or you can use shop bought frozen mixed veggies completely, but not the ones with corn in. And I also save the chopped stalks from broccoli or asparagus and the tops from celery for soups.




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