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When I first started cooking many years ago whenever I made lasagne I made it to the traditional recipe. With the meat sauce and a cheese sauce, but as I got to be more accomplished in the kitchen I began to find ways to save time and money.

You don’t need to make two sauces or buy expensive tomato puree to get the same great taste and look of lasagne just one…the meat sauce.

So this is what you need to make either beef or chicken lasagne:

500 grms beef or chicken mince

1. 400 grm can chopped tomato’s

5. cloves of garlic

1. Tbls oil if you are using chicken mince, I don’t think you need it for beef

Pkt of lasagne pasta

200 – 250 grms cheese

1. tsp curry powder

1. tsp sea salt

1. tsp mixed dry herbs

2-3 Tbls tomato sauce or ketchup

3-4 mushrooms chopped

Fry the meat together with garlic, mushrooms, curry powder, salt and herbs until the meat is cooked through. Add the can of tomato’s and ½ cup of water continue to cook until it is heated through.

At this point you can decide if you would like to also add some vegetables, I use whatever frozen vegies I have, about 200 grms plus a couple of cubes of frozen spinach and cook with the sauce.

Then add half of the cheese [ I just cube this as it will melt in the sauce ]   Taste to see if you need to add more salt, cheese or tomato sauce.

Place a layer of pasta sheets in your oven proof dish add some meat sauce. Repeat this until you have used all the sauce and you have about 3 layers of pasta ending with the meat and cheese sauce. Grate the rest of the cheese and sprinkle this over the top, then leave your dish of lasagne to sit for a while before cooking.

35mins before you are ready to eat put your dish in the middle of a 160c oven

Test after 30min with a wood skewer to see if it is cooked through

Serve with a salad or more vegies, we have salad usually…Enjoy




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Every morning for breakfast and most evenings for supper I have homemade muesli

It’s really easy to put together a nourishing breakfast that will see you through until lunchtime.

I make a big batch that lasts me for quite a few weeks.

So here is my recipe for making your own


1 bag of rolled oats

1 box of allbran

1 box bran or wheat flakes

1 box ricies

500 grms mixed raw nuts

300 grms raisins or sultanas

150 grms shredded coconut

1 packet or 100 grms each of: sunflower seeds / pumpkin seeds / seseme seeds / chia seeds

These are a rough estimate of amounts plus maybe you can buy the seeds and nuts from your bulk store at the supermarket and estimate how much you would like in your muesli.

I sometimes just mix all together but mostly I toast the oats coconut and seeds first. It helps too if you have a couple of large buckets that you keep especially for mixing


Spread the oats in a large baking tray and grill on high moving them now and then to toast evenly. You can drizzle a very small amount of oil or honey in the pan first but it’s not necessary.

When toasted pour them into your bucket

Toast the coconut very briefly and add that to the oats

Mix all the seeds and nuts into the baking tray and toast those briefly, add to your bucket

Add remaining ingredients to the bucket then empty the whole lot into the empty bucket to mix

You will need to do this several times from one bucket to the other until it is thoroughly mixed

Then fill your cereal containers and admire 🙂

I usually have some left over to fill a bag to give away, my daughter likes to take it to work for breakfast. Eldest son loves to take home some muesli from Mum it’s much nicer than the shop brands.







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