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I have not been able to make lace on my machine except for hand manipulated for quite a while, it would hang the sts on the gate pegs or drop them. Actually haven’t done any machine knitting for ages because we have had family staying and not had a spare room to set it up.

Got hubby to look at it but he could only guess what to do, he lined everything up but it was still having problems. I sold one of my machines and the lady who bought it had a couple of spare lace carriages that I could try. They work quite well but have to use one for lace and another for fine lace as these pre-date my Brother 881, I also had a colour changer for the machine she bought so we did a swap for that and a couple of other things. So I’m excited to be able to make some lace tops and started with using some cotton from my stash, had to get familiar with the machine and knitleader again. Drafted a pattern from a top I like to wear making some adjustments on length etc, did a few tension swatches washed and dried them to see which one I liked. Then knitted it up over a few days and crochet it together, really happy with the result so made a necklace and earrings to match. My favourite summer top so far, actually have made loads of crafty stuff recently but I’m a bit slack at posting pictures.



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