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While out for a walk my daughter spotted some gorgeous cushion moss so we brought some home to add it to the terrarium we had made together. I also had several small pots that were waiting for some inspiration so decided to make a small fairy garden village.

I had some oven bake clay already so made some little fairy homes and toadstools, I added a piece of wire into the pieces so they could stand up securely. Cut a piece of the cushion moss to fit and lay some kitchen towel over the drain hole in the pot. Then added some stones for drainage, placed the moss on top and smoothed it into the sides of the pot. Next when the clay items were baked and cool I just needed to arrange them. Just need to collect my daughters terrarium now and fix it up with the moss and village/toadstools she is so excited to see the end result when she gets home from work. Will take a picture when I have finished but the one I made for myself is pictured below with the Halloween crochet I have just finished.

Fairy garden village in a pot & some crochet for Halloween

Terrarium all fixed up, it has a nice lid for the top but have’t included it here, will have to get one when I take it over to my daughters home. Think I will have to give her a spray with a wee drop of plant food to care for it, because  she doesn’t have a green  thumb ;-P




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YAY I found tips on an invisible decrease I knew there must be a better way to make a crochet decrease without the inevitable bump and gap. It really is annoying when you can see the wadding through these little holes. I realized that folk that make  amigurumi must have this problem so asked Mr Google. He is just so handy at teaching you all sorts of stuff. Crochet isn’t something I have spent a lot of time on but now I don’t have a craft room with everything to hand I have spent more time on this craft.

Now my crochet items that need to have stuffing will look a lot more professional, not that they didn’t before but some items like the recent anatomical heart needed a better solution to this problem. No one else would notice but being a bit of a perfectionist it annoyed me. So might make one or two for my Etsy or Felt shop when I have completed the ones for family. It has given me the opportunity to tweek my pattern anyway. The only thing is I need to write instructions down but I know from experience some of my handwritten patterns could do with some clearer info.

When I come to make an item with one of my patterns my memory leaves a lot to be desired and I am left thinking    ” what is she talking about ” LOL  it helps if I still have a made up one to refer to though,  until I learn to write the pattern with some clearer details. It’s just that I don’t want to stop working to write everything down.

So here is the link for you from:


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Needed a break from making the slippers so started a crochet anatomical heart cushion…

Did see a pattern for a knit one but I’m no good with a bunch of little needles or circular. So not one to let that put me off I made up a pattern for a crochet one. I’m happy with the way it turned out but now I have given myself the task of making a few for Christmas gifts because everyone wants one LOL

Also started a fox scarf I had made a couple before with some yarn from my stash I liked them so wanted to make another similar one in a rust brown. Have had to put this on hold for the time being, it’s nearly summer here anyway so can’t wear it for a while.

Crochet anatomical heart cushionCrochet anatomical heart cushion

Snow fox scarves

Snow fox scarves

Foxy scarf

Foxy scarf

Foxy scarf

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