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I have been busy trying out something I have wanted to make for a long time. Collecting branches, seed pods, sticks, lichen and numerous treasures from our local beach, park, and our garden over the last year or so. Luckily I have a couple of grandchildren to gift them to before the garden is taken over with hobbit & fairy homes, but I did manage to keep one just for me ;-D

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Do remember watching a children’s program called David the gnome. I used to watch it with my children and must confess to having a soft spot for gnomes, fairies & elves. At the end of the series when David and his wife had lived 100 years they died but transformed into huge oak trees…I almost shed a tear 🙂 and felt sad it was the end. I believe you can buy a DVD of this series.

When I was a child I would make little fairy garden’s in a bowl from twigs and plants from the garden, and tell my sister stories under the blankets at the end of the bed, we shared a double bed for many years. I would collect caterpillars and wait for their metamorphosis  into a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly, which often happened on the bedroom window frame because I had brought them inside.

When we built our current home 6 years ago I decided when we got to the landscaping, [ and this is after my children were all grown up ;-D ]  there would be a special place for my David the gnome, as there was a tree down the drive perfect for his home. I bought several gnomes at a garage sale, the one I already had was settled into his big plant pot with the cheese plant. Then got hubby to cut out some shapes that I had drawn for him in a weatherproof wood. I then painted them and he nailed them to the tree where I wanted them. Now David is sitting outside his home where I can see him from the lounge window…wify is inside probably making dinner.

Will need to take another photo as his tree house is quite overgrown with ivy now and his mate has moved upstairs to sit on the deck so he can see us in the kitchen.

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