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I have not been in the past really that interested in jewellery I had enough to get by and had the necessary accessories to go with outfits, but within a few months we now had more than we could fit in to our jewelry boxes. Now I love to wear the pieces that I have made and get so many comments about them.

So had a look at a few tutorials and couldn’t find one I liked so as usual thought I would come up with something myself.

I bought some foam board and some stick on plastic hangers, we already had some hardboard and paint so were set to go. Got hubby to cut both boards into 15” x 20” then I glued both boards together. I used a hot glue gun as foam board melts with some glues, but you had to be quick before it went cold, think I will find another way if I make one again.

I used the hardboard as the front and painted it black, when dry measured the whole board into a grid. Measured 2” from the top and made a pencil line across. Then another 3” down made another line across. Below that another 11” down and another line across. Then the whole board into a 1” grid, I stuck down 14 of the plastic hooks, the first one 1” from the edge on the first line down the next 2” away on the 5th inch mark, repeat across the board so you have 5 hooks across.

Under the next line across stick 4 hooks between the top ones, then 5 hooks under the bottom line between the other 4 hooks.

Nearly done just need to drill 2 holes for a ribbon hanger at the top these were made 3” in from each side and 1 1/2 “ down. I threaded a black and a red ribbon though and made a bow. Voila a very nice French looking jewelry hanger. Gave one to my daughter for hers [ as she usually gets first dibs on what I create ] and one for me.

Hope you can understand my instructions I’m sure the photo will make it clear what I mean but your welcome to ask ???

I would use 2 double picture hangers for your display board as it can be quite heavy 🙂


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