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YAY I found tips on an invisible decrease I knew there must be a better way to make a crochet decrease without the inevitable bump and gap. It really is annoying when you can see the wadding through these little holes. I realized that folk that make  amigurumi must have this problem so asked Mr Google. He is just so handy at teaching you all sorts of stuff. Crochet isn’t something I have spent a lot of time on but now I don’t have a craft room with everything to hand I have spent more time on this craft.

Now my crochet items that need to have stuffing will look a lot more professional, not that they didn’t before but some items like the recent anatomical heart needed a better solution to this problem. No one else would notice but being a bit of a perfectionist it annoyed me. So might make one or two for my Etsy or Felt shop when I have completed the ones for family. It has given me the opportunity to tweek my pattern anyway. The only thing is I need to write instructions down but I know from experience some of my handwritten patterns could do with some clearer info.

When I come to make an item with one of my patterns my memory leaves a lot to be desired and I am left thinking    ” what is she talking about ” LOL  it helps if I still have a made up one to refer to though,  until I learn to write the pattern with some clearer details. It’s just that I don’t want to stop working to write everything down.

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