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Many years ago I used to do a lot of machine knitting, I made sweaters & cardigans for a couple of boutique designers & clothes for my children. I have two large containers of mercerized cotton yarns left over from this knitting. Most are not enough to make a whole garment, but they have been waiting patiently for my attention. I briefly had a craft room to use my machines a few months ago. I had the whole bedroom my son used when he was living at home, then we moved 😦  It is time to downsize I know but I do miss my crafty room.

Mostly all the bedrooms were always occupied, children come and go plus we had some students stay with us too, so using my machines was a chore to set up & put away. Now they are in storage again with no room to use them until we find another property that I can once again have my own room to set them up.

Anyway with a teenage birthday coming up and loose knit tops in fashion I decided to mix some of the cotton yarn to crochet a summer top, all the while hoping I had enough to actually finish it 🙂 well luckily I did have enough yarn and picture is below hope she likes it haven’t been able to give it to her yet.

loose knit cotton top


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